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Ultrasonograph PSF meter

The ultrasound scanners manufactured or refurbished must be checked for imaging quality before their expedition to customers. Ameasurement system to evaluate a comprehensive group of qualitative parameters with high objectivity and accuracy for the whole imaging system quality assessment is needed.

The Point Spread Function (PSF) tester is based on imaging a spherical high refl ective target of specifi ed diameter by an evaluated scanner. The scanning is performed in a tank fi lled with water. The target position in the scanned plane is computer controlled during the scanning. The PSF tester analyses an output video – signal (composite PAL, DVDI-D, HDMI or VGA) of the scanner – the sonogram for nine different qualitative parameters of the picture.

The PSF tester accesses complete imaging system from transducer to the imaging display. The system is computer assisted, independent of the type of the scanner measured. All the types of transducers can be evaluated including the matrix one. An input of the tester allows measurements of any scanner system commercially available. The tester measures and numerically expresses 9 important qualitative parameters with good reproducibility in any specifi ed region of the imaged area by singlemeasurement process. The parameters are: received signal amplitude uniformity, lateral resolution, transverse resolution, axial resolution, transverse scan slice profi le of the scanned plane, number and position of the foci of the dynamic focussing in the both lateral and transverse planes, ultrasound scan line density and distribution in the scan plane, Time Gain Compensation profi le in the scan plane and sonogram geometric accuracy.

Prototype. Studies on reproducibility and validation in practice have been successfully completed.

CZ 300799 GB 2434206 B

Palacky University Olomouc – Institute of Molecular and Translational Medicine (IMTM), Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry, Faculty of Science