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Method for obtaining follicular cells and a device for carrying out this method

We developed a specialized device dedicated to a simple, fast and non-invasive withdrawal of follicular cells. Follicular cells can be used for different medicinal or veterinary examinations including pharmacokinetic and biomarkers studies, alopecia studies and for experiments and research on life cells with persisting proliferation capacity. A method of follicular cells withdrawal is, from the medicinal point of view, a form of skin biopsy. Compared to the classical biopsy (skin excision or thin needle biopsy) or blood collection it is less invasive, brings minimum discomfort to the patient and it is also faster and cheaper. Moreover, a set of unique proliferating cells can be obtained by this method.

Our technological solution is based on a special withdrawal-gun which is connected to a source of vacuum on one end (e.g. standard vacuum cleaner) and to a removable disposable one-shot grip made of inert sterilizable material, which specifi cally captures hair including signifi cant portion of its nesting matrix rich for follicular cells allowing its withdrawal and further processing. A prototype of this device has been successfully tested practically and thus a patent application has been registered by the end of 2012

Presented product is aimed mainly on market covering human alternatively veterinary health care in the category of biological samples collection for diagnostics. This includes: - Non-invasive testing of biomarkers - Pharmacokinetic studies - Bio-equivalence studies on generic drugs - Basic and applied research specializing on primary live tissues with persisting proliferative capacity This product also covers specifi c fi eld of self-made sample collection in home environment. Moreover, it collects unique biological material (rich for proliferating cells) and thus opens new commercially attractive possibilities.

Prototype. Validation studies on patients and volunteers.

Patent protection: CZ 304255 WO 2014/086324

Palacky University Olomouc – Institute of Molecular and Translational Medicine (IMTM), Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry